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Working Together - Our Ethos

Etpm have a strong pool of regular personnel with a wide and established client base. This client list is cross spanning subsea, ship owners & renewable energy. The client base is bigger than most may assume and growing rapidly. Our onshore team has had to grow much larger in recent months to support this growth. Additionally, our name has become very respected in the industry as supplier of competent and reliable offshore personnel solutions. 

Naturally, we tend to look after the guys who stay loyal longer term first, work wise. As a norm, if personnel remain with us longer term and allow Etpm fair chance to place them without seeking alternative employment , we look to reward that loyalty. This, by utilising them on a priority basis.

If we can’t provide work (very unlikely these days), we are straightforward and inform our crew. We don’t mess people around & its all about give and take. Regular personnel who prove flexible on work patterns & rates are placed first. Rates vary client to client and where we acquire higher pay scales we pass those rewards on, taking a long term view of our relationship with our guys. If you check in further detail on our website, you can see employee testimonials from some of our longer term crew whose comments will second that ‘working together ethos’.
The Personnel & Management team are looking forward to inevitably busy 2013 and the future looks nothing short of excellent for Etpm’s regular personnel.

We look forward to a mutually beneficial long term relationship with all of our personnel, thanks Etpm.



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